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Understanding the Truth Behind A Crime Scene Cleanup

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Walls and floor filled with blood and other bodily fluids, dead body that smells very bad making you feel nauseous; these are the common scenario crime scene cleaners will encounter on their daily work.

Cleaning a crime scene area is considered as cleaning dangerous materials. Homicide, suicide, methamphetamine or anthrax is considered contaminated with harmful elements. A biohazard company’s goal is to restore the scene to a pre-incident state and make the place look normal again. This is also called biohazard remediation.


The clean up

How it works

Who bears responsibility for a crime scene cleanup?

The role of Law Enforcement Agents


The clean up

A biohazard company will clean almost anything; freshly discovered meth lab to decomposing body. And because of this, the team will arrive carrying huge equipment and cleaning materials.

Once they arrive at the scene, they will assess the scene and the damage done at the site. This will help them decide what type of materials and cleaning equipment to use.

Basic equipment would be protective gears such as gloves, suit and chemical spill boots. Also, cleansing supplies, biohazard containers , ozone machine to remove odours and hospital grade disinfectant.

There are more complex and advance equipment that they will use depending on the degree of the crime scene. Camera will be utilised to take the before and after result.


How it works

Crime scene cleaners will make sure the area is free from biohazards and elements that may remind the households of the incident. Regulation reckoned all bodily fluids as biohazard which can cause harm to health and infection.

To handle this type of hazardous waste cleanup, the person must be knowledgeable and able to identify the dangerous materials at site. For instance, a drop of blood on the carpet is an indicator of a bigger blood stain under the carpet and should be clean.

Thorough cleaning is necessary to consider the place as clean and free from any hazardous waste cleanup. Transporting these dangerous materials and disposing it also requires special permit from local authorities. Crimes cleaning have specific permits and trainings required to perform this type of work.

Most importantly, crime cleaner have the willingness to clean a mess that most of us are not willing to look at. Dealing with this type of mess can be nauseous to many and most of these cleaners have medical background. However, cleaners with construction background are also helpful especially when dealing with meth cases where walls have to be taken down to clean the site thoroughly.

Individuals working in the crime cleaning industry face many gruelling situations such as deaths, animal cruelty and drug lab. They are considered as the second responders after police, paramedics and forensic professionals secure the place.


Who bears responsibility for a crime scene cleanup?

One question that most people ask when faced with a scenario that involves crime scene cleaning is who takes responsibility for this task. It’s sad to know that most British citizens believe that the government is solely responsible for crime scene cleanup. For some, they think the police or investigating officers are the ones to bear the cost of cleaning and sanitising a crime scene.

The sad truth is that cleaning a crime scene is neither the responsibility of the government nor law enforcement agents. Rather the onus falls on the affected individuals or the property owners. Depending on the scenario, the responsibility falls on one of the following: tenants, property owners, business owners, or automobile owners.


The role of Law Enforcement Agents

Although crime scene cleanup is not the responsibility of law enforcement officials, they play a key role in how and when the cleaning project will be completed. In the aftermath of a crime, the first people to visit the scene are law enforcement officials including the local coroners. On getting there, the first thing they do is to restore sanity in the area and keep the situation under control.

If it’s a homicide, the local coroner might have to be involved here. One of the responsibilities of a coroner is to perform a thorough investigation and examination of the scene of the unfortunate incident. And if the situation demands that the coroner needs to take evidence back to his office for proper diagnosis, he or she will have to take the body along.

However, crime scene cleaning and sanitisation will only start after the coroner must have completed the investigation. Usually, these investigations do not take more than a day. Keep in mind that there are rare cases where it can extend more than 24 hours.

In order to keep everything intact, homeowners or tenants will be barred from accessing their property until the investigative work is fully complete. Likewise, crime scene cleanup will be placed on hold until after the investigation is complete.

Upon successful completion of the investigation, the next step is to contact a reputable crime scene cleaning company. These professionals have the skills, knowledge , and resources to safely clean and sanitise your home and business.