Unattended Death Cleanup In Sunderland

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Are you dealing with a difficult death cleanup in Sunderland? Call our local branch 24/7 Toll Free Emergency Line 0808 169 8526. We operate year round including nights, weekends, and all public holidays.


No one prepares – mentally or emotionally – for an unexpected death, especially if the deceased is a family member and no one was there during the time of his/her passing. Now, it doesn’t stop there, with the passing, comes other harsh realities: someone got to clean up the scene. This is not the standard routine cleaning you are used to – it is different and difficult in all aspects.


When we talk of biohazard remediation, in particular, trauma or unattended death cleanup, we are talking about the removal, disinfection, and cleaning of body fluids, blood, and any other human remains found in the affected areas after an accident, a crime scene, or a traumatic suicide.

Our expertise: crime scene, trauma, suicide, unattended death, forensic cleaning.

We are here for you. Our local team in Sunderland is on call 24/7. Onsite within 1 hour once dispatched.

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Why Biohazard Cleaning PRO:

  • Local team in Sunderland. On call 24/7. Nationwide coverage.
  • Discrete & respectful arrangement, in accordance with the HSE deaths protocol.
  • Trained technicians who are willing to go the extra mile, with a close onsite supervision of a senior crew.
  • Offering sensitive advisory or any additional support with no extra charge.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is unattended death?

    An unattended death is a situation when a person dies alone without any witnesses. Since the dead body is not discovered and dealt with immediately, the risk of exposure to infectious blood-borne pathogens (i.e. viruses such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV transferrable via blood, bodily fluids or faeces) is high.

    Who is responsible for the cleanup of an unattended death?

    When it comes to a death scene exposed to biohazardous risks as described above, it is the owner of the premises who is responsible for contacting a biohazard cleaning company.

    What is the scope of your death cleanup?

    The scope of our work varies. The cleanup after a violent death can take anywhere from one hour to 40 hours or more, depending on the type of trauma and the amount of biohazardous material at the scene. Generally speaking, our standard procedure involves 1) extreme cleaning and removing all blood, bodily fluid and any other human remains from the scene; ripping out and discarding blood-soaked carpeting; removing blood-soaked upholstery, window treatments or rugs. 2) utilising hospital-grade disinfectant to sanitise the entire area (i.e. a room, a full house, or the entire building depending on the severity of the scene) that might have been contaminated by these biohazardous substances. 3) deodorising the entire area with regulatory compliant products. We will ensure that your premises are quickly and efficiently restored to their original state while eliminating all biohazardous risks once and for all.