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Top Features of Gas Pressure Washers

gas pressure washer

Gas pressure washers are used for a large number of cleaning jobs, especially outdoor cleaning. These machines have high output power, mobility, and versatility, enabling them to be considered some of the most powerful cleaning machines available at present. This article deals with some of the most advanced features of such equipment. However, before going to the features, it would be to provide a basic overview of these machines.


What are gas pressure washers

Top features of gas pressure washers


What are gas pressure washers

Pressure washing machines can be identified by many different factors. One such specification is based on the power source. Some machines are powered by electric motors. Some other machines are powered by combustion engines that require fossil fuels for combustion. This can be diesel, gasoline, or propane. Machines that make use of gasoline as fuel are known as gas pressure washers.


Top features of gas pressure washers

Output Power

The output power of a pressure washer depends on two things – output pressure to a larger extent and output temperature to a lower extent. The output pressure level varies from 750 psi to 8000 psi, depending on the model. The right pressure level for your job may vary depending on what needs to be accomplished.

For example, auto detailing requires gas pressure washers with output pressure level less than 1500 psi. For standard and even heavy-duty hard surface cleaning, the machine does not need to have a pressure level more than 3000 psi.

These machines work by pumping their output onto the hard surface, washing away the dirt and impurities present on the surface. As a result, output pressure level plays a big part in the efficiency of the machine more than anything else. Higher pressure levels more quickly blast away the residues present on the target surface.

Still, output temperature too is an important specification for pressure washing machines. Ordinary hot water pressure washers provide two kinds of output – hot water and cold water. Hot water refers to the output that has an output temperature of 210°F, and cold water refers to non-heated output.

Some of the sophisticated machines offer wet steam output, which has an output temperature of 330°F. Such high temperature levels go a long way in dissolving stubborn grease, allowing for faster removal. This is ideal in applications where sensitive surfaces require lower pressure levels, but stubborn residues still require high cleaning power – as in auto detailing.

Tri-mode machines offer the advantage of non-heated, steam and hot water pressure washers. Tri-mode technology allows for the provision of cold water, hot water, and steam output from the same machine. That is, workers can choose the output temperature based on the nature of the surface to be cleaned.


Mobility is an important feature of modern commercial pressure washers. Gas pressure washers are used more frequently than electric pressure washers as portable cleaning machines. It is not because of any performance-related fault of electric pressure washer equipment. However, it is difficult to find an electric power source at a convenient location when in some outdoor applications.

There are basically two types of portable commercial pressure washers – wheel-attached machines and truck-mountable machines. Wheel-attached machines are suitable for cleaning small areas, as the heavy nature of the machine makes it difficult to transport large distances. Truck-mountable machines are more suitable for cleaning large areas, as they can be mounted onto a truck or trailer for easy transport.

Commercial cleaning companies often prefer truck-mountable machines more than the wheel-attached machines. Top suppliers, however, offer both wheeled and truck-mounted configurations in a single system, by simply removing the wheels.

To find the highest degree of power, durability, and mobility in gas pressure washing machines – consult a top-tier online supplier.