January 2, 2021
pest control flies

Best Alternative Control for Flies

Even more mysteriously, flies seem to appear from nowhere, even when doors haven't been opened, and window screens are intact.
December 28, 2020
mouse pest control

Negative Impact of Glue Traps for Trapping Rats

Sticky glue traps cause an enormous amount of suffering and a traumatic death for the animals they catch. Consumers spend millions of dollars each year on mousetraps, poisons, and exterminators in an effort to "control" rodent populations.
December 20, 2020
commercial bathroom cleaning

Industrial Steam Cleaner for Tough Commercial Bathroom Cleaning

The industrial sector deals with some of the most difficult kinds of waste and debris, even in small industrial complexes. An industrial steam cleaner is often the machine used for these jobs.
December 13, 2020
pet fleas ticks

Ways to Identify Ticks and Fleas in Your Pet

If you think your pet has become infested, would you know how to identify a flea or tick? Though many people know that ticks and fleas are harmful to a pet's health, not everyone knows how to identify these parasites.
December 8, 2020

Origin of Bed Bugs Existence

It often seems that bed bugs arise from nowhere. Since the bugs feed solely on blood, pristine dwellings can be as vulnerable to infestation as are places of squalor. That said, poverty and privation can lead to increased risk of bed bug problems, as can the inability to hire a professional pest controller.