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Pigeon Pest Control

pigeon petst control

The bird species with the most common economic concern in areas like London is the feral pigeon. These birds are about 30 cm long and they can vary greatly in colour, however they are normally known to have fawn-grey colourings. They can be a common pest in urban areas. They use buildings to create their nests and their regular fouling can cause damage to a building, both aesthetically and physically. Bird proofing and pigeon deterrents are essential for reducing the chances of you or your family picking up transmitted diseases.


Why do I need bird proofing and pigeon deterrents?

Bird proofing methods available


Why do I need bird proofing and pigeon deterrents?

The majority of us who live in cities and large towns across the UK will know that pigeons can be a nuisance. Their fouling has been known to cause damage and deface buildings making them look dirty and shabby. This is why bird proofing and pigeon deterrents are essential tools. The fouling of these birds can carry diseases such as Ornithosis (a viral disease similar to the flu) and Salmonella bacteria.

Their nests are often hidden in and around large cities and can harbour insects and mites which often migrate from the nest to other parts of the building. Birds’ nests can be the initial source of many of the insect problems experienced in and around cities. These include obvious insect pests such as pigeon fleas and mites and can also include carpet beetles, case bearing clothes moths, biscuit beetles and flies. Put together these pests are increasing the spread of communicable diseases therefore bird proofing methods are essential.


Bird proofing methods available

There are a wide variety of different bird proofing methods available for pigeons. However, it is advisable to contact your local pest control. All well established high quality pest control services offer a free survey, assessing the scale of your problem and the possible methods available. Usually prevention via the use of netting and/or fine metal spikes, or sprung wires are the most effective forms of pigeon deterrents. Stainless steel pigeon spikes, wires and bird repellent gels can be purchased online, however it’s a good idea to save time and make sure your tools are installed effectively by enlisting the help of your local pest control experts.

For repelling birds away from businesses there are many high tech tools available including laser bird repellers, which are ideal for protecting large buildings and warehouses as they can cover up to 10,000 of space. They also prevent false alarm triggers of burglar alarms caused by pigeons flying around your property at night. Ultra sonic bird deterrents on the other hand are ideal for balconies as they are battery powered and offer continuous protection by emitting sound pressure that temporarily affects the ear and nervous system of the bird. This sound is virtually silent to humans and can cover up to 900 square feet of space.

As well as installing these bird proofing tools, your local pest control will clean and remove any pigeon fowling that has defaced your premises. However, under health and safety guidelines, before commencing any cleaning work, the contaminated area must be sprayed with a joint biocide/insecticide, to destroy any disease organisms and/or insect pests that are present. This spray therefore protects both you and our staff from possible contamination.