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Organic Garden Pest Control Tips And Facts

organic garden pest control

Organic gardening can be quite rewarding and fun, that is, until the pests move in. You should just be prepared to do a little more work in the organic garden. The main trick in organic garden pest control is to stay ahead of the problem, see it early and do something about it.

One of the big problems we have in the UK is that of scale insects. These are very small insects that attach themselves to the plant and feed on the sap. They usually will not do too much damage unless there are large numbers of them, and then they become a real problem. One thing you will want to do to prevent scale insects is to keep the ants to a minimum (we will get to that soon) because ants farm scale insects. If you get rid of the ants the problem will definitely lessen.

To get rid of scale insects that are beginning to infest, you will want to try a number of things. The first thing you can do is to scrape them with your fingernail to get them off of the plant; you will find this recommendation on many organic pest control sites. The next thing that works well for do it yourself pest control is using some tape to stick on the leaf of the plant over the scale and pull. If there are small quantities, this works well. Another method would be to use some insecticidal soap spray; this also works well with larger infestations.

As far as the ants in the garden, there is a way to keep them out that is relatively simple. You will want to buy some Diatomaceous earth. This powdery substance will keep the ants from entering the garden. If you place a line of Diatomaceous earth around your garden, the ants will not cross it. You will, however have to replace the line if it becomes wet. There have been some suggestions that the Diatomaceous earth can have bad effects on ordinary house pets, you should check the label if you have pets.

In order to get rid of the ants in your garden, again, the insecticidal soap will be a good way to keep them off of your plants. Another is the citrus water sprays that we use on the inside of our homes to repel insects.

By practicing home remedy pest control, you can save yourself quite some money. There are also many tricks and tips online about making different mixtures for organic garden pest control that are readily available to you. Remember, the trick is early detection - the sooner the discovery, the better for pest control to take effect in your garden.