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DIY Pest Control: What Works and What Is A Waste of Time

DIY pest control

Do-it-yourself pest control, or DIY pest control, can be effective, but that does not mean that every type of product on the market works. Many can be chalked up to a gimmick rather than an effective means of protecting your home and getting rid of infestations.

It also seems that there are more do-it-yourself pest control products than ever hitting the market, claiming to be highly effective at controlling pests. It is hard to know which products to choose, and even more so, who wants to pay those high costs for products that do not work? For DIY pest control, learn how to distinguish the difference between what works and what is a complete waste of time. Before you set off a bug bomb in your home, be sure it will do more than coat your home in a nasty mess. Unfortunately, this means doing a little bit of homework on any do-it-yourself pest control product you bring home.

When it comes to selecting DIY pest control products and methods, make sure you keep the following tips in mind before you invest.

  • 1. If it promises to work every time, be leery. Species of insects and pests change from region to region. If there were one do-it-yourself pest control product that worked well all of the time, every exterminator would use it. Rather, look for a product with a money back guarantee if the solution does not work.
  • 2. Good quality DIY pest control products use science behind them. If you find a product that is supposed to repel pests, find out why it works. Is there a poison in the product that will kill off the colony? Is it using just a fragrance? Look for products that are able to show you that they work by telling you what makes them effective and different.
  • 3. Some ultrasonic or organic pest control products work, but not all do. When choosing these as your method of repelling pests, note that most do not go through walls and doors. They also do not work long term since some pests can develop a tolerance for them. Whenever there is a new do-it-yourself pest control product on the market, why not give your exterminator a call and ask him or her if the product really works? Chances are that they will have learned about the product and will be able to give you a complete rundown on its effectiveness.

  • DIY pest control should be more about prevention methods and proven strategies. Avoid off-brand products since they often do not contain enough of the ingredients needed to be truly effective. More so, invest in those that are proven and trusted by your exterminator. Who better to be the judge of a product’s effectiveness than someone that uses it on a regular basis?