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October 9, 2020
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Dealing with Septic and Sewage Backups

sewage drains cleanup

One of the worst disasters that can befall a home is having the sewage lines backup. This often results in toilets overflowing into the floor, leaving a mess that nobody wants to think about let alone have to clean up. Fortunately, this can be avoided in most cases.

The problem is much more common for those on septic systems. This is because those on a municipal sewage system have larger lines that are maintained by the city. Those with a septic tank must maintain the system themselves.

Septic tanks work by holding wastes, both solid and liquid, in an anaerobic (airless) environment. There is also no light. Bacteria work to digest the solid wastes and break them down into liquids. The resulting effluent is piped out of the tank into field lines surrounded by rock to filter it so that only water is returned to the ground.

Use of antibacterial soaps and detergents in water that enters these tanks can cause the good bacteria to die, preventing the system from digesting the wastes properly. This can lead to a backup of solid matter that causes overflows and other problems. In addition to overflows inside the home, the tank could overflow into the ground outside the home.

When a tank overflows into the ground, it must be dug up and the waste matter pumped off into a truck for proper disposal. In addition, the tank will need to be pumped out and the bacteria replaced in order to restore normal function. This can be a very costly process.

Another potential area for problems to develop is in the field lines that leave the tank. The effluent flowing from the tank acts as a potent fertiliser. Nearby trees will send roots into the path of the lines in order to take up the additional nutrients. These roots can cause pipe blockages that will eventually back up the system.

Fortunately, there are companies that offer sewer line cleaning in the UK before these problems develop. They will come in and remove roots from the lines so that fluids continue to flow smoothly and the system remains active. Many also offer septic tank cleanup services and replenishment of the necessary bacteria to keep everything working properly. Hiring this service before one has a backup is the best way to deal with septic problems. It is much less costly than waiting until the system backs up into the home or the lawn.