Bird Droppings Removal In West-Yorkshire

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Fed up with pigeon guano or any other bird droppings? You are not alone. We have helped over 10’000 UK households, commercial properties, public spaces remove bird excrement, decontaminate and disinfect the areas to eliminate potential health risks. Call our specialists at 0808 169 8526 (Toll Free) for a no-obligation quote.


Many people assume that bird droppings are not a big deal and are easy to get rid of by themselves. But what they don’t know is that the nutrient-rich bird waste is often the best incubator for transmissible disease organisms that can pose severe risks to human health. Respiratory diseases such as histoplasmosis, yeast infection such as candidiasis or cryptococcosis, or encephalitis, to name a few. Furthermore, bird droppings from pigeons, geese, starling and house sparrows, if left undealt with, can cause permanent damage to the structure of your buildings, roofs, balconies, or equipment.


It is therefore important to not only remove bird excrement safely, but also disinfect and sanitise the entire affected areas carefully and thoroughly. Do not assume that it is an easy job that can be done by any tradesman - as a matter of fact, according to a CDC report on histoplasmosis, HVAC technicians, demolition workers, bridge inspectors, chimney cleaners, maintenance staff, microbiology laboratory workers, farmers, roofers, spelunkers and gardeners all have removed bird droppings in a way that resulted in human illnesses. It is not worth risking your health to save just a few pennies. Hire a specialist!


Professional Bird Droppings Removal Services by Local Specialists in West-Yorkshire

Our West-Yorkshire branch has proudly served the local community since 2018.

At Biohazard Cleaning PRO, we take our customers' requests seriously. With over nine years' experience in the biohazard cleaning industry, we are committed to keeping our local communities safe and healthy.

Cleaning External Areas of Bird Droppings

  • conducting a health and safety risk assessment
  • choosing the appropriate health and safety equipment and access equipment
  • inspecting the areas to be cleaned thoroughly, remove or isolate nest found with pigeon squabs
  • cleaning pigeon excrement
  • using branded ornithological disinfectants to kill bacteria and organisms
  • safe disposal of the waste

  • Cleaning Internal Areas (i.e. the roof void) of Bird Droppings

  • conducting a health and safety risk assessment
  • choosing the appropriate safety equipment
  • selecting the tools depending on what level of protection is required: ranging from a basic paper face mask to a full face mask with breathing apparatus, a full body disposable suit with hood, rubber gloves, goggles for precaution, and a pair of boots or wellingtons
  • undertaking a detailed site inspection to highlight any potential dangers for workers, remove nests and the dependent birds prior to the cleanup

  • spraying a fine jet of water in an effort to reduce the dust
  • using special bag to collect and remove guano safely, dispose of it via an authorised waste carrier
  • cleaning the area with hot soapy water and apply disinfectant to kill any bacteria and organisms that may be present


    bird droppings removal


    Pigeon poop cleanup

    Why Biohazard Cleaning PRO:

  • Local team in West-Yorkshire with proximity, flexibility and availability.
  • Full-fledged premium services including bird droppings removal, area disinfection and sanitisation.
  • Experienced technicians using eco-friendly materials and professional equipment.
  • Competitive pricing.
    • Robert P.
      'Biohazard Cleaning is a superb company. For many years they have looked after our large residential estate and our school. The team are extremely friendly and responsive. No job is too much trouble for them. They are really the expert in their field. You won't regret hiring them.'
      Robert P.
    • Jennifer C.
      'Marie was amazing! Very professional and went the extra mile to explain everything in detail which really reassured us. Sorted the problem quickly and discreetly. Very happy with the service. Thanks to Marie and her team, we can now enjoy our pigeon-poop-free balcony again.'
      Jennifer C.
    • Benjamin W.
      'Marie and her team did a fantastic job to clean our concrete driveway that had been visited by a group of pigeons. I was amazed by their attention to details and have found their services reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a value for money.'
      Benjamin W.

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