Bodily Fluids Cleanup In Oxford

Bodily fluid cleanup


Do you know, each tiny drop of blood or body fluids may carry bloodborne pathogens like HIV, hepatitis and hantavirus? Hire our biohazard specialists to handle the scene for you. National toll free line 0808 169 8526 open 24/7.


Body fluids are a source of infectious micro-organisms. If not dealt with properly, it can cause infection diseases following hand to mouth/nose/eye contact, or via broken skin (cuts or scratches). Therefore, in any setting – industrial, commercial or private – cleaning body spills involving such as blood, urine, saliva, vomit, requires the technicians to have special knowledge to safely handle the situation and to know what to look for at the scene.


A Fast & Effective Blood and Body Fluids Cleanup That Goes Beyond Cosmetic

Our Oxford branch has proudly served the local community since 2014.


Risk Assessment

At Biohazard Cleaning PRO, we carefully assess the following risk factors before carrying out the cleanup:

  • the nature of the fluids such as blood, faeces, urine, saliva, vomit etc
  • the pathogens most likely to be involved such as viruses, bacteria or protozoan pathogens, mycobacterium tuberculosis etc
  • the size of the spill – small (<10 cm) or large (>10cm)
  • the type of surface
  • the location involved – in a contained area, a public or clinical area; the area is dry or wet

  • Tools and Equipment

    We use tools and equipment that are in compliance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH):

  • single-use rubber gloves that are waterproof, abrasion-resistant
  • eye protection (a full-face visor)
  • disposable coveralls with a hood
  • a disposable plastic apron
  • waterproof disposable footwear
  • appropriate leak-proof bags labelled ‘Clinical waste – Biohazard’ for disposal of waste material
  • a designated, sturdy scraper for spills and fluids

  • Cleaning Procedures

    Cleaning spots or small spills (less than 10 cm)

  • wiping the area with paper towels, cleaning with warm water and detergent, followed by rinsing and drying the area
  • a hospital-grade disinfectant are used on the spill area after cleaning
  • Cleaning large spills (more than 10 cm)

    If large spills have occurred in a ‘wet’ area, such as a bathroom or toilet area, the spill is carefully washed off into the sewerage system using copious amounts of water and the area flushed with warm water and detergent.

    Large blood spills that have occurred in ‘dry’ areas are contained and generation of aerosols is avoided.

  • applying granular formulations that produce high available chlorine concentrations
  • using a scraper and pan to remove the absorbed material
  • cleaning the area of the spill with a mop, bucket of warm water and detergent
  • blood body fluids cleanup

    At Biohazard Cleaning PRO, our staff not only have the necessary permits and training in blood-borne pathogens, bio-hazardous communication protocols, health and safety protocol; but more importantly, we have the unbeatable commitment and willingness to go the extra mile and get the job properly done.


    • Harrison N.
      'We had an emergency situation uncovered in one of the bathrooms. We called Biohazard Cleaning PRO and the team arrived in less than half an hour. They dealt with the scene in such an efficient and effective manner that our business got barely disrupted. Thumbs up guys!'
      Harrison N.
    • Chelsea W.
      'It was a very challenging time for me and my family but the team did such an amazing job with my parents' house. Thank you for all what you've done. My gratitude is beyond words.'
      Chelsea W.

    We also provide local specialist biohazard cleaning services for situations involving animal or human excrementsharpshoarders, crime sceneunattended death, infectious diseases and industrial hazardous waste. Learn more about our services in Oxford.