Odour Removal In Newry

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Are you tired of malodours in your environment? Have you tried all sorts of air fresheners and other products but it’s still not working? Or, are you in need of an urgent property restoration after disaster situations such as fire, flood, or even a crime? Discuss your needs with our biohazard specialists at 0808 169 8526. Nationwide coverage. Toll free.


Odours are brought about by a mixture of many things, from proteins to organic matter and bacteria. Odorous compounds such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Volatile Fatty Acids (VFAs), and H2S which originates from thermal or microbial decomposition of organic matter commonly occurs in breweries, cooking and food industries. Others may be brought by spoiled foods, sewage, garbage, and even from a decomposing body. The longer these mixtures are ignored or are left untreated, the worse the smell will get, and the harder it is to contain or eliminate it.


Effective Odour Removal From Its Root Cause

Our local team in Newry has proudly served the local community since 2013.


Following the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) recommendations, our specialists at Biohazard Cleaning PRO utilise odour eliminators that break down the odour molecules, bacteria and spores, so as to remove the foul smell from its root cause. Our services are mostly requested by:

  • factories
  • warehouses
  • commercial premises
  • retail outlets
  • food hubs or restaurants
  • medical establishments
  • With over nine years' industrial experience, we also specialise in property restoration after hazardous events such as:
  • fire
  • flood
  • unattended death following an accident, a suicide, or a crime


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    Post Disaster Cleaning and Flood Restoration

    Why Biohazard Cleaning PRO:

  • Local team with proximity, flexibility and availability.
  • Permanently remove stubborn odours from fire, damp, smoke, decomposing organic matter etc.
  • Experienced technicians using eco-friendly materials and professional equipment.
  • Competitive pricing.
    • Phoebe D.
      'I had a dead rodent smell which was getting worse every day and it appears to be coming from between the walls. I tried various neutralising air fresheners but all were useless and only mask the smell with its own fragrance. Called Biohazard Cleaning PRO and got some good advice and a clear quotation on the day. Booked their service and after 2 days the smell was completely gone! Can't recommend more!'
      Phoebe D.
    • Emma H.
      'Had recently been putting up with a foul smell which we finally realised must have been something decomposing and coming from underneath the floorboards. It was particularly bad when the heating was on. Contacted Biohazard Cleaning PRO through sheer desperation. The team arrived quickly and to my amazement, within 24 hours the smell was almost gone! Would definitely use their services again if needed.'
      Emma H.

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