Disinfecting Service (COVID Deep Cleans) In Moyle

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Looking for COVID disinfection & deep cleans services for your homes and offices in Moyle? We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, year round including public and bank holidays. Christmas and New Year included. Toll Free 0808 169 8526 - Call Us Anytime.


Have you just been called for a thorough disinfection and sanitisation of your premises following the visit of a risk group with confirmed Covid-19 cases? Are you concerned about the safety of your family members, your employees, or your customers?

With the coronavirus causing havoc in the world, it is important – now more than ever – to ensure that your home and workplace can meet the highest-level hygiene standards, more so considering how fast the virus spreads and how deadly it could be. Now, dealing with such a virus isn’t easy, given that our “invisible enemy” can remain on a surface for up to 72 hours, and that if not thoroughly disinfected, one could get infected if he or she comes into contact with infected areas.


Given the risks posed by viruses and bacteria, it is highly recommended to conduct a deep cleaning, or better, a professional disinfecting and sanitising service, to protect you and your loved ones from any unnecessary risk.

A Moyle-Based Specialist Crew Dedicated To Disinfection & Antiviral Sanitisation

Our Moyle branch has proudly served the local community since 2019.

With over nine years’ industrial experience, our specialist disinfection services are highly sought after by households, companies, schools, offices, as well as hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

  • Tasks are carried out by a small accredited crew with maximum cost-efficiency and flexibility.
  • Fast response. The team can be onsite within 24 hours.
  • Options of either a one-off deep sanitisation or regular disinfecting services are available, suitable for homes, offices, sheds, outbuildings etc.
  • Additional vehicle disinfection and sanitisation can be carried out upon request.
  • Utilising ULV disinfection fogging and alcohol free lime disinfectant. All key touch-points are manually cleaned. Wastes are carefully disposed in compliance with the legal requirements.
  • Adherence to COSHH regulations. No bureaucracy.
  • Special discount for our amazing NHS staff.

    At Biohazard Cleaning PRO, we remain committed to fighting against any high-risk ramifications caused by the pandemic or any other hazardous materials incidents. It has always been our top priority not only to restore your premises to their original hygienic, habitable state; but more importantly, to support those who had been affected through challenging times.

    • Jamie H.
      'This is the third time I use Biohazard Cleaning PRO to disinfect my car. Even though the person who did the job changed each time, the work quality and the experience remain consistently outstanding.'
      Jamie H.
    • Alexander M.
      'We need an urgent house disinfection as one of our flatmates was diagnosed with Covid-19. I was amazed how fast the team responded and came over. They cleaned every corner of our house with professional gears and yet the cost for the entire process was just a fraction of the quoted prices from other companies. I highly recommend them!'
      Alexander M.
    • Shannon R.
      'We have been using the specialist team from Biohazard Cleaning PRO in our clinic, surgery, and recovery to sterilise the rooms following our patients with contagious diseases. They are simply amazing! No matter how big or small the work scope is, they remain fully dedicated without compromising the quality of their work. I appraise their extremely meticulous work ethic.'
      Shannon R.