Hoarders Cleanup In Merthyr-Tydfil

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Overwhelmed by a hoarder's site in Merthyr-Tydfil? Give us a free consultancy call and see how we can help you. We specialise in full-service estate clearing and remediation of moderate to severe hoarder homes. National toll free line 0808 169 8526 available 24/7.


According to a 2015 study by Islington Council, 2-5% of the population are thought to be either suffering from hoarding disorder or manifest hoarding behaviours. Hoarding disorder is defined as the acquisition of, and inability to discard items, even though they appear to others to have no value. The most commonly hoarded items are old clothes, magazines, CDs/video tapes, letters, pens, old notes, bills, newspapers, receipts, cardboard boxes, pins, clothing rags, old medication, bodily products, used nappies, rotten food, animals (dead and alive), wool or fabric etc. Cleaning a hoarding site typically involves removing a combination of debris and filth which may contain faecal matter, body fluids, drug paraphernalia, expired food, excessive trash, mould, odour, mildew, boxed items, an infestation of rodents, lice and other insects. For an untrained individual, to carry out a hoarders cleanup can appear challenging, if not completely impossible, considering a number of legal requirements needed to be adhered to as a result of potential biohazard risks involved if they are mishandled.


A Personalised Hoarders Cleanup That Suits Your Needs & Your Loved Ones'

Our Merthyr-Tydfil team has proudly served the local community since 2016.


At Biohazard Cleaning PRO, ​we understand that not all hoarding situations are the same. That’s why we work closely with housing managers, landlords, city councils, or relatives and friends in charge, to elaborate a personalised, meticulously planned deep cleanups before the actual work, in an effort to restore each and every site back to its original, habitable state in the most efficient and effective manner.

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Why Biohazard Cleaning PRO:

  • Dedicated local team in Merthyr-Tydfil for a full-service estate clearing and remediation of hoarder homes.
  • Personalised approach for solving moderate to severe clutter as well as difficult and sensitive hoarding challenges.
  • Local team. Fast arrangement. Flexible scheduling. Competitive pricing.
    • Naomi C.
      'My project was not declutter/hoarding, but to prepare a house for sale. Marie and her staff are very nice to work with and very efficient. They are well organised and have a very systematic approach for dealing with home properties by sorting items for sale, donation and disposal, as well as providing pick up for donation and disposal. I can't recommend them more!'
      Naomi C.
    • Jasmine C.
      'Marie brought an incredible team to clear out my parents' home. I could not believe how efficient they were - years and years of clutter were handled quickly and professionally. They worked closely with us in terms of what could be tossed or saved and they got everything done in just two short days. On top of that, each and every person was positive and friendly. They are absolutely amazing! Worth every penny!'
      Jasmine C.
    • Matthew M.
      'My dear friend had passed away tragically and his apartment of 30+ years was filled with eclectic items from around the world. Since my friend's family was overseas and couldn't come to the UK, I wanted to make sure that jewellery, photos and money were retrieved so I could give it back to the family. Not only did they help me retrieve what was needed but they also gave me their honest opinions about how best to move forward. They made this burdensome process light and cheerful. Thank you Biohazard Cleaning PRO!'
      Matthew M.