Urine Faeces Cleanup In Kingston-upon-Thames

Urine faeces cleanup


Are your premises affected by disturbing human or animal excrement? Are you in need of urgent faeces, urine or vomit cleanups? Let our biohazard specialists help you. We operate year round including nights, weekends, and all public holidays. Call our 24/7 national toll free line at 0808 169 8526.


Faeces, urine and vomit clean-up are all different types of biohazards that pose a high risk of infection from exposure. In an incident involving urine or faecal matter, if left unattended, they can seep into the surrounding areas and into porous materials such as flooring, wall coverings and structural elements. While the visual traces of these substances can be cleaned up with relative ease, the more dangerous pathogens which may carry infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV are invisible to the untrained eyes.


One-Stop Urine Faeces Cleanup, incl. Safe Waste Disposal & Area Disinfection

Our team in Kingston-upon-Thames has proudly served the local community since 2013.


At Biohazard Cleaning PRO, we use approved safety procedures, tools and products that are compliant with health and safety regulations to carry out faeces, urine, or vomit cleanups as well as disinfection. To sanitising large and hard to access areas, we apply a combination of manual cleaning and ULV disinfection fogging to decontaminate the areas and break the chain of infection in a short space of time.

Urine faeces cleanups

Why Biohazard Cleaning PRO:

  • Local team in Kingston-upon-Thames with proximity, flexibility and availability.
  • Full-fledged premium services including faeces, urine or vomit removal, disposal, area disinfection and sanitisation.
  • Licensed waste carrier.
  • Experienced technicians using eco-friendly materials and professional equipment.
  • Competitive pricing.

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